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In game scene


In game scene


In game scene


In game scene


In game scene


In game scene

FAQ & More

What kind of game are we talking about?

The Mirror's End is a top-down perspective adventure game with arcade elements, a sophisticated low-poly look and feel, and tons of retro gaming influences.

What about multiplayer?

Although we don't exclude the possibility of implementing a multiplayer game mode in the future, The Mirror's End will be initially released as single-player only.

What is the current state of the development for The Mirror's End?

We are in early development stage but we have already defined many core aspects of the game, together with a (not-so)-lowpoly aesthetic and an intriguing story we can’t wait to tell you.

When did you start working at this project?

“The Mirror’s End” has a precise birthday: July 31 2017

What platforms will you support?

At the moment we’re targeting a Windows-only release but we do not exclude portings to other platforms in the future.

What about the distribution channel?

We are planning to release and distribute The Mirror's End through Steam.

Are you planning any crowdfunding campaign?

Not at the moment, but who knows...

Are you using a game engine?

Yes, we are using Unity. We love Unity!

Where can I see more about The Mirror's End?

We will share screenshots and minor updates on these channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Who are you?!

We are the two founding members of Black Robot Games: 2 developers from Italy, each with more than 15 years of experience, mostly focused on game and mobile development.

Any other Black Robot Games titles out there?

Sure! Our first game, Linia. It has been released for iOS and Android in 2016 and it reached 🎉 1 million 🎉 of players (yay!)

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